What Does Rekeying Your Locks Mean?

As an industry expert, we have heard just about every story there is, relating to locks and keys and we are proud to have been able to serve Long Islanders and help them in their times of need.  Amongst everything we believe in, however, at Merrick Locksmiths, the safety and security of our customers and neighbors is our number one priority.  Therefore, we are committed to ensuring Long Islanders understand what rekeying is and just how important it can be to have your locks rekeyed.

Rekeying is somewhat self explanatory in that it actually means that a new or different key will be required and used.  In more detail, however, when a lock is rekeyed, it means that the center part of the lock or keyhole, otherwise called the cylinder, is replaced.  This method allows for saving the existing device, replacing only the cylinder, rather than replacing the entire lock, which would require you to purchase a brand new lock.  Rekeying is a simpler, less expensive alternative to replacing an entire lock.

Rekeying is just as effective as having an entirely new lock installed.   The cylinder has its own unique keyhole design and with its own keys.  Almost all locks can be rekeyed, unless they are specialty locks or old models, which were manufactured before the concept of rekeying was integrated into the design.  When installed by a professional locksmith, such as Merrick Locksmiths, it guarantees you the same safety and security as you had before.

What is Rekeying?

You should have your locks rekeyed for all of the same reasons you would have your locks changed.  The most obvious of these reasons is if your house is broken into, you lose your keys, or they are stolen.  In any of these events, you should immediately call a professional locksmith to put new locks on your doors or have them rekeyed.  Another reason you may need to have a lock rekeyed is if the lock breaks, becomes obstructed, or if your key breaks inside of it.  These are all common causes for needing a new lock or having an existing lock re-keyed.

There is, however, a very unique reason why someone would choose to have his/her locks rekeyed, which is specific just to rekeying.  In the event that you would like one key to open all of your locks, the best solution for this would be to have them rekeyed, with cylinders that are all designed with the same architecture or combination.

With your safety and security being the number one concern, it is highly suggested that you have a professional locksmith install new locks or rekey existing ones, so that it is guaranteed to be done correctly.  If for any reason you need your locks rekeyed, our experts at Merrick Locksmiths will be there to help you.