Tired of the heavy jumble of keys and your key ring? Had it with wasting time flipping through dozens of keys to open every single door in the office?

Now is the time to consider calling us to rekey your facility with a master key system. Each person or employee will carry only one key (maybe two) to go everywhere in the facility they’re supposed to go — and nowhere else. Gone will be the feeling that you’re not sure who has access to your facility.

We offer this and many other commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you’ve decided to partner with us on a master key system, you can avoid more rekeying costs and security breaches by paying attention to the following tips:

Be careful of duplicate keys

Unauthorized duplication can lead to keys falling into the wrong hands. If your master key system uses a key that is widely available, you can’t assume that people are not copying and sharing the keys they’ve been issued. Let us handle the job to avoid any messy situations.

The only way to prevent unauthorized duplication of your keys is to install key cylinders that use patented or restricted keys. For most restricted key systems, duplicate keys are only available from the locksmith who supplied the cylinders. Keys are released only to the authorized administrators of the facility. A signature card is kept on file for this purpose. Restricted keys are usually serial numbered so administrators can trace who carries which key.

Smart choices

The most important thing you can do to keep your facility secure is to control the distribution of keys. Restricted keys prevent unauthorized duplication, but they can’t prevent your staff from making poor decisions about issuing them. The higher up the chart a key is, the more doors it can open. One master key in the wrong hands can necessitate rekeying the entire building again. Keep records regarding which keys work which doors and implement strict policies to ensure the right keys go to the right people.

Coordinate rekeying through your locksmith –That’s us!

All keys issued for your facility need to be coordinated with the master key and the other keys issued. No keys or locks should be changed without reference to the master key records. If another locksmith is given a master key and asked to produce a key to go with it, that key might operate doors you don’t intend, or other keys from your facility might work the newly rekeyed locks. You may not realize this until you’ve had a security breach.